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MedCrave strives to bring Online Scientific Journals that cover almost every aspect of distinct science topics. Our advancements are strictly oriented to the research material of Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Microbiology, Genetics, Clinical & Medical Research, Nutritional Sciences, and many more. This page grants complete access to our online Open Access Journals, and enables the readers to not only read, but also download and share the available content without paying any charges. All our international Open Access Journals are completely accessible across the globe. All the manuscripts, which are submitted for these Journals pass through a detailed Peer-Review process before being published, as we believe in abiding by our strict guidelines regarding publication. In addition to this, we have a sheer vision of accessing to latest literature and distribute the knowledge among various research communities. 

These online Open Access Journals are here to promote free and limitless access of all their content as well as they have no restrictions, when it comes to reusing the published ones in any kind. Both the scientific community and the interested people from all across the world can have international Open Access Journals. There is no need to have any kind of membership in order to use, or downloading them. Apart from this, no legal issues are involved for their usage. You can completely reuse, copy and share the researched content available in these Online Scientific Journals only on a single condition, which states that you must cite the actual author of the manuscript and the original source of data in a proper and clear manner. 

We pride ourselves to announce that we follow a strict policy against Plagiarism. Any kind and type of Plagiarism would not be tolerated by us. The scientific content at MedCrave follows all the set guidelines of our publishing policy for Open Access, and our whole collection of published data falls right under the CCAL (Creative Common Attribution License). You can get all the latest information and buzz related to the science world around you through us.