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Mission & Vision

MedCrave Group has a deep commitment to quality, and this commitment is clear throughout our entire collection of perspectives, essays, research content and other significant works. The medical research and Scientific literature goes through an exhaustive Peer-Review and editing process before publication. Our Open Access platform ensures availability and exposure on a global scale, providing each submission with the potential to reach an unlimited audience. MedCrave Group helps scientists at all levels disseminate and obtain knowledge about innovative ideas and disruptive medical technologies.


MedCrave is on the forefront of Publishing Technology. While the group has published eBooks for only a short time, MedCrave has already published 72 eBooks and 17 videos. MedCrave Group publishes papers in PDF and PHP formats.

MedCrave provides immediate, unrestricted access to current scientific manuscripts, videos, and research results from around the world to researchers, teachers and students. A membership is not required to use or download material. There are no legal restrictions for using the material. Users may reuse, copy and share the researched content contained within the Scientific Journals with only one condition – that they cite the actual author of the manuscript and properly source the data in a clear and proper way.

Quality is important to authors and consumers. MedCrave has a strict and comprehensive Peer-Review process where a panel of experts reviews each submission to ensure the article is of the highest quality.

Many authors struggle to pare down manuscripts enough to meet maximum manuscript word counts. MedCrave offers unlimited word count for manuscript submission, which means authors never have to omit valuable information just to get the manuscript published.

MedCrave Group also offers professional editing to make sure the material included in each submission is clear, concise and accurate. This extra step optimizes the user experience and improves the professional reputation of the author.