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Quantification and speciation of trac. E amount of vanadium (iii) and vanadium (v) using 2-[(e)-[3-[(e)-(2 hydroxyphenyl) methyleneamino]phenyl] iminomethyl]phenol

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Okenwa CJ, Ukoha PO, Chinyere EC, Ezeh E

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Some new transition metal complexes of Vanadium(III) and Vanadium(V) with tetradentate (N2 O2 ) Schiff base – 2-[(E)-[3-[(E)-(2-hydroxyphenyl)methyleneamino]phenyl] iminomethyl]phenol (HPMAPIP) have been synthesized. The characterization of the ligand and the metal complexes were also reported. The bonding and the proposed structure of the newly synthesized complexes were also identified by elemental analysis, Infra red, UV – Vis, 1 H NMR, magnetic moment measurements and conductivity analysis. The Metal: Ligand Mole ratio indicated a 1:1 and their wavelength maximum were at 400 and 405 nm for Vanadium (III) and Vanadium(V) complexes respectively. From the calibration curve, Beer’s law was valid for Vanadium (III) and Vanadium (V) between 0.488 – 3.904 ppm. The calibration and analytical sensitivity of Vanadium (III) complex are 0.074 and 0.32 while that of Vanadium (V) are 0.024 and 24 respectively. Optimum pH for the formation of the complex was determined to be 10 and 11 for Vanadium (III) and Vanadium(V) respectively. Very few elements were found to interfere with the method. The method was successfully applied in the determination of Vanadium in alloy steel.


spectrophotometry, vanadium, alloy sample