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Grover’s disease: a rare bullous dermatosis spontaneously regressing

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
S Bouabdella,1 H Saddouk,1 N.Zizi,1,2 S Dikhaye1,2

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Grover's diseaseis an itchy acantholytic disorder occurring on the trunk of middle-aged men. It is a transient dermatosis of unknown cause manifesting clinically as a papular skin eruption located usually on the anterior chest and abdomen and histologically with dyskeratosis and acantholysis. This disease has occasionally been reported in patients with chronic renal failure, some infections, hematological malignancies, and many other anomalies. We report herein a new case of Grover's disease that developed in a female patient after a fever episode. 


transient acantholys, Grover’s disease, bullous dermatosis, erythematous plaques, acantholytic dermatosis, ionizing radiations, xerosis