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Endovascular treatment of ruptured dorsal pancreatic artery pseudoaneurysm: case report

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy,1 Laura Souza de Lima,2 Lenina Mariana de Morais Castellari,2 Guilherme Gerloff Antunes,2 Gustavo Josimar Rossini,2 Henrique Jose Pereira de Godoy,3 Henrique Amorim Santos,3 Fernando Reis Neto4

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The objective of the present study is to report the technical success of the endovascular procedure in the treatment of pseudoaneurysm of the dorsal pancreatic artery. A 60-yearold white male patient came to the emergency room, complaining of the appearance of an ulcerated wound in the distal third of the left lower limb for 20 days. Alcoholic, smoker and previous diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis. On physical examination, upon admission, the abdomen was normotensive, painless on palpation and without masses or visceromegaly. During the investigation of this ulcer and 12 hours after admission, the patient developed diffuse abdominal pain and distension, more intense in the upper abdomen and associated with peritonitis. A computed tomography scan of the upper abdomen and pelvis was performed, which showed a pseudoaneurysm of the dorsal artery of the pancreas with frank extravasation of contrast into the abdominal cavity, in addition to a moderate amount of free blood around the liver. He underwent endovascular embolization treatment, in which he was selectively catheterized splenic artery and dorsal pancreas with therapeutic success.


endovascular treatment, ruptured, dorsal pancreatic artery pseudoaneurysm