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Drug delivery systems using mesoporous silicon microparticles incorporated with nanoparticles

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This minireview summarized a part of the recent work of Professor Mauro Ferrari on the application of mesoporous silicon microparticles to celebrate the occasion of the establishment of a new company, BrYet Pharma. This article is focusing on the principle and application of injectable nanoparticle generators (iNPG) for drug delivery systems. Three main examples are described; deliveries of anti-cancer agents and peptide cancer vaccines using iNPG, and oral formulation of iNPG for inflamed intestinal mucosa. The iNPG drug delivery system provides protection, the versatility of loading, and the selective delivery of therapeutics, which enables prolonged efficacy, the simultaneous delivery of a combination of therapeutics, and the reduction of toxicity. The advantages of the iNPG drug delivery system are discussed with examples in this minireview.


nanoparticles, pharmaceutics, drugdelivery system, cancer, biotechnology