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A pilot study to see the suitable Unani Kit medicines in the patients of drug-induced insomnia

Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Humaira Bano, Sidra, Masroor Ali

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Insomnia is a common disorder nowadays in the population with high rates of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart attack and stroke that turned the patients to take medications such as Alpha-blockers, Antidepressants, Corticosteroids, hypolipidemic, Anti-inflammatory, weight-reducing agents, and many more medicines prescribes them by the experts. The study aims to fix a suitable kit of medicines from Mujarrabat or Mamulat Matab (Trended Unani prescriptions) as mentioned in Qrabadeen/Biyadh of the Unani classics. In a view of new disease treatment, an observational study has been conducted to see the efficacy of the selected kit of medicines in the drug induced-insomnia patients. A total of 70 participants were registered in general OPD at the Co-location Research Centre J.J. Hospital Byculla Mumbai, they were categorized into three groups with conduction of question-answer session interpreted according to the ‘insomnia severity index’. All included patients have assigned scores as per the answers. Data were analyzed on the version of patients to see a relationship between the medicated and non-medicated patients and found statistically significant at P<0.05. Analysis of per cent distribution of the patients’ consequences and improvement observed in a lay term (Indian-currency unit) as about 20 paise, 40 paise, 60 paise, 75 paise and 80 paise of a rupee. This paisa has considered the percentage of calculation. 71.43% of patients reported the remarkable effects of the given kit medicines. The study concluded that insomnia is significantly high in medicated patients, and a result of Unani kit medicine is also satisfactory it required a clinical trial with full scientific criteria for clear and significant results


drug-induced insomnia, Unani kit medicines, pilot study