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The coleman-weinberg potential and its application to the hierarchy problems

Physics & Astronomy International Journal
Likolo Anabiwa George, Manyika Kabuswa Davy

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The Coleman-Weinberg Potential has and is still being applied in so many areas in modern physics which include analysis of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (SSB). In the SM, SSB is attained by introducing an ad-hoc kind of modification resulting in the mass term of the of the classical potential assuming a tachyon-like characteristics. By analyzing all the terms in the classical potential, it is vivid that only the mass term possesses a dimensional constant. Thus, we can trace the Hierarchy Problem to the ad-hoc modification via the squired mass term. This paper does not only focus on the study of the Coleman-Weinberg mechanism but also shows why application of the same is likely to unveil a clue that may lead scholars to resolving the Hierarchy Problem.


Coleman-Weinberg Potential, Hierarchy Problem, Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking