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Measurement of soil carbon content of Magyi mangrove forest, Mawtin coast

Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology
Tin Tin Kyu,1 Chaw Su Lwin,1 Yin Yin Htay2


The survey was carried out at two sites of Magyi mangrove forest in Mawtin Coast; U to Channel and Magyi Channel. The percentages of carbon content were the highest in the mangrove soils of tidal creeks, followed the channel soils. At both sites, the percentage of carbon content ranges in (98.294%-93.538%) and average carbon content at both sites is (96.465%). In some degraded areas, Finlaysonia obovata formed very dense vines that can change the overall ecological balance of the mangrove forest. The mangrove forests are not sustainably managed in Magyi. There were factory and construction sites at U to Channel during the study period. The mangrove forests of Magyi should be protected under a very strict and efficient conservation framework for sustainable development.


degradation, Mawtin coast, nearly threatened, species composition, vegetation community