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Impact of laser surface modification on polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell by means of CO2 laser

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Islam Mohammed Osman, Ali AS Marouf


In this research, we investigate the effect of laser texturing on the photo-electrical properties
of the polycrystalline silicon solar cell. Laser surface texturing technique was used to
achieve the texturing results, which based on the interaction between pulsed CO2 laser
(10.6μm) and polycrystalline silicon used for solar cells. Four of photovoltaic solar cells
have been textured in two dimensions in different ranges (1 cm x 1cm and 2 cm x 2 cm)
with different line spacing. Solar cells with laser-modified surface were characterized by
SEM as well as photo-electrically before and after texturing process. The obtained results
showed that laser surface texturing with small grooves spacing, results in increasing of the
melted silicon surface area which enhance the silicon electrical properties. Furthermore, it
increases the optical path length inside the solar cell which enhances light trapping.


CNC machine, laser direct writing, laser processing, photovoltaic, poly Si - solar cells