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Active specific immunotherapy: mechanisms of action and clinical applications in bioregenerative and anti-aging medicine, autoimmune conditions and cancers

International Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination
Mike KS Chan,1,2,4 Michelle BF Wong,2,3 Roni Moya,1 Dmytro Klokol,1,4 Shing Yi Pan,3


Autologous Active Specific Immunotherapy (AASI) is a type of immunotherapy that targets complementary autoantibodies which suppress the specific immune response using anti-idiotypic antibodies. AASI entails removing immune cells (dendritic cells) from the patient's blood and subjecting them in a lab setting to a particular tumour antigen (proteins detected on the surface of cancer cells). AASI is a personalized treatment approach that has been used to treat various types of cancer, including melanoma, osteosarcoma and breast cancer.
Clinical trials have shown promising results, with some patients experiencing complete remission or long-term disease control. Although AASI has shown potential as a cancer treatment, further research is needed to optimize its effectiveness and safety. AASI is a complex and expensive therapy, and its use is currently limited to specialized cancer treatment centres.


immunotherapy, autologous vaccines, active specific immunotherapy, immunity, immunosenescence, autoimmune disorders, allergies, cancer, regenerative medicine