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Treatment of urethral and bladder condyloma acuminata

Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal
Nishita Patel, Joanna Marantidis, Abigail Davenport, Olivia Casas Diaz, Michael Markel, Lee Ann Richter


Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections in the world and rarely may affect the urethra and bladder. This article describes two cases of bladder HPV infection managed at our institution and summarizes literature describing the management of lower urinary tract HPV lesions published in PubMed (MEDLINE) since 2010. Articles were selected after performing a scoping literature review using the search terms “human papillomavirus”, “condyloma”, “bladder” and/or “urethra”. Thirtyfive articles were included in the review with treatment options including surgical excision, ablative therapy, photodynamic therapy, and topical agents.


bladder, urethra, HPV, condyloma, treatment, photodynamic therapy, ablative therapy