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Giant osteoma of the maxillary sinus: a case report

Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research
Diallo Ibrahima,1 Keïta Abdoulaye,1 Diallo Mamadou Aliou,1 Kourouma Sayon,2 Diallo Mamadou Mouctar Ramata,3 Camara Alseny,1Cissé Alseny,4 Kaba Mohamed Karfalla,1 Kaman Mohamed Casimir,1 Sylla ThiernoOury,1 Keita Saliou1


Objective: To report the management of a case of giant osteoma of the right maxillary sinus
in a sub-Saharan ENT department.
Observation: The patient is 26 years old, housewife and without any particular history. She
was referred to us by the oncology department for a right suborbital mass. The history goes
back 4 years, with the appearance of a mass under the right orbit which has progressively
increased in volume. She consulted at the indigeneity. Due to the persistence of the mass,
she consulted an oncology department where the diagnosis of nasosinus lymphoma was
made. She underwent 4 courses of chemotherapy. Without a favorable outcome, an ENT
opinion was requested. The examination on admission noted a good general condition
with stable hemodynamic constants. In the ENT sphere, there was a mass under the right
orbit measuring 13x12 cm, painless, hard, not very smooth surface, regular edge, blackish
skin opposite, with a mass effect in the homolateral nasal fossa and on the hard palate.
The CT scan of the facial mass revealed a bone-toned hyperdensity at the expense of the
right maxillary sinus isolated with extension to the adjacent soft tissues of the face and
expression in the ipsilateral nasal fossa almost filling the maxillary sinus. Surgical excision
via the paralateronasal approach of Moure and Sibileau was complete. The postoperative
course was simple. Histology revealed a cancellous osteoma.
Conclusion: Osteoma of the maxillary sinus is less frequent in our practice. Its diagnosis
is confirmed by histology. It has a good prognosis because of its benignity. Thus, it is
important to be vigilant because it can be confused with malignant nasosinus tumors.


osteoma, maxillary sinus, management