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Thermal comfort assessment of active cooling technology for agricultural end use: a field study


Migrant agricultural workers endure harsh environmental conditions for extended periods of time while working in crop and livestock production. Despite their elevated risk for heat-related illnesses and injuries, agricultural workers’ clothing needs are rarely considered outside of pesticide use. The purpose of this field study was to explore the potential value of providing garments with printed cooling technology to agricultural workers as an engineering tool for reducing elevated risk for heat-related illness. An eight-day field study with 20 migrant farmworker participants measured thermal comfort perceptions at the end of each workday for a t-shirt with active cooling technologies, including phase change materials, compared to the same 100% polyester t-shirt with no cooling finishes applied. Participants reported greater perceived comfort when wearing the t-shirts with the printed cooling technology compared to the control shirts.


comfort, phase change materials, agriculture, personal protective clothing, heat stress