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Taxonomic and distribution status of Margaretha's goatfish, Upeneus margarethae Uiblein and Heemstra, 2010 (Perciformes: Mullidae) from Thondi coast, east coast of India

Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology
Karuppiah Kannan,1 Rajendran Kumar,2 Selvaraju Raja,1 Ethiraj Kannapiran2


Goatfishes are tropical marine fishes that belong to the family Mullidae. Goatfishes are recognized by their bright color with strips and the presence of two long unbranched barbells on the chin. In the last decade, the number of goatfish species has increased noticeably (20 new species) owing to the interest of researchers in coastal fish diversity. Five specimens of Upeneus margarethae were reported for the first time from the Bay of Bengal region. The species has expanded its distribution range to the Thondi and Chennai coast of the Bay of Bengal. Five Upeneus margarethae were collected using commercial trawlers from August 2019 to January 2020. This species is characterized by having VIII dorsal spines, 13-14 pectoral fin rays, Lateral line 28-29, Gill rakers 20-21; 4 bars on both upper and lower caudal-fin, which was partly visible, and orange lateral mid-body stripe passing from eye to base of the caudal-fin. The detailed morphometric and meristic characters with a fresh color pattern representing images for the first time from the Palk Strait, Southeast coast of India, agree with the holotype specimen and comparable records from other areas of the world.


Bay of Bengal, geographical, goat fish, mesh size, trawlers