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Aging and long COVID-19 syndrome: what’s new in 2023?


Since 2019 that saw the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, its ongoing impact on many older adults remains a persistent public health concern, especially among those who report suffering from long or post-acute COVID-19 disease health challenges. This report presents data published largely since January 1 2023 on this topic and concerning: Long COVID or COVID-19, Older Adults, Post-Acute COVID-19 Outcomes, and Prevention. Data show that even though long COVID-19 was discussed in 2021 at some length, it still remains a relatively unchartered poorly understood topic in which a sizeable percentage of older adult COVID-19 survivors may experience delayed features of breathing, movement, cognitive and mental health challenges. What causes the observed and perceived problems, what may help to identify who is at risk, and what will reduce these remains unknown, but may benefit from insightful research and extended observations and possible.


long covid-19 syndrome, older adults, pathology, prevention, post-acute covid-19 complications, treatment