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Animal protection laws in India and one right approach: an analysis


Animal Protection Law is the older and more established field of law in India since ancient times. There are many ways to measure this, such as at the constitutional level, which shows environmental law’s seniority and success. Even the Constitution of India has also addressed the environment and the typical phrasing is anthropocentric. For example, we have various laws and organization which work for the protection of non-human for example; the religious teachings text like Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam has also addressed various provisions for the welfare of non-human through its teachings. Still the non-humans suffer because they have no specific court to address their grievances, further, the laws and various decisions of the judiciary also changes with the change of the circumstances depending upon the situation, which sometimes, is not always favourable for the non-humans. It is stressed in this paper that the laws on animals should be strictly followed and the concept of one right Approach must be followed. The laws and state welfare must include the welfare of both human beings and the non-humans. The Human and the Environment should fit in legal paradigm for Anthropogenic. The Protection of Animals, non-human is essential for the survival of Human Being.


Protection of animals, non-humans & animal laws and rights