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Deviations of exterior characters from breeding standards of chicken – part I: medium-weight breeds

International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology
Šimon Halás,1 Ivana Baranová,1 František Zigo,1 Juliana Arvaiová,1 Zuzana Farkašová,1 Illia Siedoi,1 Zuzana Lacková,1 Silvia Ondrašovi?ová,2 Ibrahim F Rehan3,4


Determining breeding value by judging the exterior of poultry has always been a comprehensive issue. Breeding standards represent a detailed description of the appearance that characterizes the ideal representative of the given breed. They are listed in the current sample of poultry breeds. There is also a list of shortcomings – deviations from the ideal. This study briefly approaches the issue of assessing the external morphological features of selected breeds of chicken. The content is also focused on the evaluation of exterior signs – their advantages and deviations according to breeding standards in selected breeds of chicken that were judged at 9 exhibitions in 5 positions according to a valid Standards. In the study was used information from six breeds of chicken – Amrock, New Hampshire Red, Oravka, Plymouth Rock, Sussex and Wyandotte – in a total number of 719 individuals. Most exterior deficiencies were recorded in the first, third and fourth position. Among the most frequent exterior deficiencies in the first position - Breeding and sexual expression were lower weight, smaller body frame or weakly muscled body. In the third position – Body shape, the most shortcomings were noted insufficient body shape, poorly carried and feathered tail and non-standard posture. Shortcomings in fourth position - Feathers included poor colour or drawing, folds in the wings, sparse plumage on the tail, folds in the wings, sparse plumage and feathers on the legs. Thanks to these obtained data, in the future it is possible to avoid exterior defects, which appear more often in the monitored breeds. 


amrock, new hampshire red, oravka, plymouth rock, assessment, breeding standard