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Pregnancy induced ocular changes

Advances in Ophthalmology & Visual System
Pragati Garg,1 Apala Priyadarshi,2 Swarastra P Singh,1 Parul Sinha2


Pregnancy is often associated with ocular changes which may be more commonly transient but occasionally permanent. The ocular effects of pregnancy may be physiological or pathological or may be modifications of pre-existing conditions. The ophthalmological manifestations occurring during pregnancy may be pre-existing before pregnancy or may be aggravated or induced by pregnancy itself. Irrespective of the visual health status of the pregnant women, regular perinatal eye examination should be scheduled in order to assure continuous surveillance of healthy eyes. Careful surveillance for appropriate and timely diagnosis is imperative for understanding management. The aim of this review is to elaborate the physiological and pathological changes occurring in the eye during pregnancy and the needful management.


ocular changes, pregnancy, cornea, diabetic retinopathy