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Vaccines devised to delete the god gene


As events have unfolded since 2020, many people have suspected that the CoViD-19 pandemic is actually an operation of the globalist deep state. This is hard to dismiss when the World Economic Forum (WEF) helped to fund a “germ game” in October 2019 called Event 201, while WEF founder, Klaus Schwab co-authored a book called, CoViD-19: The Great Reset. Some researchers are calling for an investigation into Operation CoViD-19 and CoViD-1984. The conspirators involved have one thing in common they have neither moral conscience nor the least empathy. They don’t need to take the vaccine to remove the God gene from their genetics. They seem to have been born godless. They were already born with the God gene eviscerated from their genome.


vaccines, god, gene, pandemic, antichrist