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Water quality of the Marimonda and El Salado swamps (Necoclí-Antioquia)

Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Ingrid Hernandez-Morales, Roberth Paternina-Uribe


This work was carried out in the El Salado and Marimonda swamps, located in the municipality of Necoclí (Antioquia-Colombia) and some physicochemical parameters were analyzed. They were shown to be sporadically representative in the wet and dry periods. The study area included 7 monitoring stations in the Ciénaga Marimonda and 5 in the Ciénaga el Salado. The parameters that were measured were hardness, alkalinity, pH, chlorides, nitrates, sulfates and total coliforms, compared with the minimum quality requirements included in decree 1594 of 1984 for natural waters and resolution 2115 of 2007 for water for use. potable. The result of the application of the ICA for the Marimonda swamps in the dry season reveals better quality indices in all monitoring stations with values between 74.12 and 69.32, While in the wet season a slight deterioration in quality is observed. but keeping the classification on the scale with values ranging between 66.23 and 56.09. For the Ciénaga el Salado in the dry season it was 74.32 and 68.52, while in the rainy season it was 68.22 and 52.32. The results were compared with the standards established by Colombian legislation. 


contamination, ICA, dry season, health risk