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Assessing patient satisfaction of primary health care services in Attica

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The purpose of this study was to investigate patient satisfaction of Primary Health Care (PHC) services of local health units, known locally as Topikes Monades Ygeias (TOMYs), of 1st Health Region of Attica. Patient satisfaction was varied from high to very high to all individual parameters of satisfaction (Communication, Interpersonal Manner, Time Spent with Doctor, Technical Quality, General Satisfaction, Accessibility and Convenience). Patients visited TOMYs for mainly two reasons. The first one concerned medical prescription and the second one medical examination. There were factors that decreased patient satisfaction, such as the education level of participants and days between telephone communication and day of appointment. On the other hand, the increase of self-assessment of health status, the frequency of visiting TOMYs and age were related to increase of satisfaction. Based on the high levels of patient satisfaction of all the individual parameters of satisfaction, it is evident that patients of TOMYs were quite to very satisfied by provided health services. Despite the fact that TOMYs are new structures of greek health system, it seems that patients do visit them and are benefited by them. 


Patient satisfaction, primary health care, health services, quality, Attica