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Tornadoes analysis Concordia, Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, 2022 season

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
Ricardo Gobato,1 Abhijit Mitra,2 Lauro Figueroa Valverde3

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Large storms such as tornadoes and extra tropical cyclones have become increasingly
common in southern Brazil. The season of strong storms has been increasingly evident
between autumn and winter in southern Brazil, such as hurricane Catarina. Several
tornadoes were evidenced in 2022 in this region, and the ones discussed here are from its
and Concodia, which crossed the rural areas of Santa Catarina, causing great damage to
their avian production. As the main focus, the one of Concordia was analyzed, classified as
category F1, and approximate dimensions of 100m in diameter.


tornadoes, storms, santa catarina, southern brazil, damage