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Nigella sativa oil of «diana» sort in the therapy of antibiotics simulated dysbiosis

Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
Tetiana Serhiichuk, Iryna Aleksandrova, Mariia Korbush, Taisa Dovbynchuk,Ganna Tolstanov

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Dysbiotic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) are one of the urgent problems today. There are a number of directions and means aimed at restoring the normobiota of the GIT, comprising of probiotics. An alternative to them can be probiotics and nutraceuticals, which are used in cases when the application of live strains is contraindicated. The purpose was to assess the possibility of using Nigella sativa oil to eliminate antibiotic-associated dysbiosis disorders.
Methods: Dysbiosis was modeled by administering of ampicillin (75 mg/kg) and metronidazole (50 mg/kg) to non-linear male rats (170-200g, n=49) for 7 days. N. sativa «Diana» variety oil (200 mg/kg) was administered to the animals after antibiotics withdrawal. In comparison were used oil: N. sativa «Ancient Traditions», Ukraine (200 mg/ kg); N. sativa «Messenger’s Speech», Egypt (200 mg/kg), home-pressed sunflower oil (200 mg/kg); prebiotic «Healthy Tract Prebiotic» (30 mg/kg). All preparations were administered per os for 7 days. The quantitative composition of the microbiota was determined by plating 10-fold dilutions of fecal biopsies on elective media, expressed in lg (m+M) CFU/g.
Results: The study has demonstrated a significant decrease in Lactobacillus and lactosepositive E. coli by 2 orders as well after antibiotic modeled dysbiosis. On the contrary, there was a significant increase in the number of lactose-negative E. coli by 4 orders and conditionally pathogenic enterobacteria (CPE) by 3 orders. Administration of N. sativa «Ancient Traditions» and «Messenger’s Speech» to animals contributed to the complete restoration of the disturbed microbiota. The use of prebiotic partially contributed to the restoration of lactobacilli and lactose-positive E. coli titers, but didn`t eliminate the changes in lactose-negative E. coli and CPE. N. sativa«Ancient traditions» and sunflower oil did not have a positive effect on the restoration of the GIT microbiota at all. Conclusion: The use of N. sativa «Diana» variety oil for 7 days contributes to the complete restoration of the normobiota disturbed by the administration of antibiotics.


microbiota, dysbiosis, antibiotics, nutraceuticals, prebiotics