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Anthropogenic factors and climate change as agents of desertification in a developing economy such as Nigeria

Biodiversity International Journal
BCE Egboka, EI Okoye, SN Chibuzor 

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Anthropogenic/Human factors and Climate Change are major agents that cause Desertification and adverse Biodiversity Changes in Nigeria and the neighboring countries in the Sahel Zone of the Sudan and Guinea Savannah environments that occur south of the Sahara Desert. Natural factors environmental degradation and weathering, earthquakes, volcanic eruption etc. that may cause Desert spreading and encroachment are exacerbated by human factors of high population increases, density and migration, increased agricultural practices, industrialization etc. resulting in releases of noxious Green House Gases, higher temperatures and heat waves, massive water loss, heavy dust storms, flooding, erosion, pollution and contamination etc. of the environment. The interplays of these events during the Geologic and post Pre-Cambrian Times to the Archaeological Times and to the recent Holocene Times trigger off at various rates of environmental activities in different places of the world the resulting Desertification, Climate Change and Biodiversity Change. These occurrences are displayed, in situ, in preset Geographic Landforms and the Paleogeography of the global community with their obvious negative implications and destructive impacts


factors, climate change