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Colovesical fistula, as a manifestation of cancer of the left colon: case presentation

MOJ Surgery
Héctor Alejandro Céspedes Rodríguez,1 Daniel Alejandro Tello Duanes2


Colovesical fistulas are infrequent complications, being those of malignant origin unusual as etiology and often cause problems for their diagnosis. Objective: To present the case of a colovesical fistula of malignant origin which is unusual. Presentation of the case: a patient who entered our service with suspected colovesical fistula, because he had pain in the lower abdomen, pneumatoria and fecaluria, to corroborate said diagnosis by computed tomography, colon by enema with water-soluble contrast and cystography. Discussion: Colovesical fistulas are rare in medical practice, being this unusual as a manifestation of colon cancer. Conclusions: FCV should be suspected in all patients with pneumaturia, fecaluria, lower abdomen pain and palpable suprapubic tumor. Where cytoscopy, tomography and barium enema can give an etiological diagnosis in all cases.


colovesical fistula, malignant, colon cancer, enterovesical fistula