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Terrain analysis for environmental sustainability in Taraba Central Senatorial Districts, North-East, Nigeria

Forestry Research and Engineering: International Journal
Tukura Ejati Danladi, Oruonye ED, Zemba A Ambrose, Ahmed YM

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Terrain analysis is the process of analyzing and interpreting man-made and natural features on the earth surface, for the assessment of the topography, environmental hazards, livelihood/human activities and infrastructural developments which include; suitability studies for agricultural, industrial, residential and transportation development, assessment of landuse/landcover (LULC), forestry management, military operations, soil erosion estimation and vegetation/ecology. Remotely sensed data (Digital Elevation Models and Landsat 8 image of 2021) were analyzed using Geographical Information System (GIS) techniques to assess the topography, drainage, vegetation, geology and soils of the study area for sustainable development. The result clearly revealed the location, extent and nature of the topography, the mountain ranges, Mambilla Plateau, valleys and the plains were conspicuously shown in different dimensions. The topography of the area is heterogeneous consisting of plains, mountains/highlands and the Mambilla Plateau. The plains could be utilized for agricultural (rain fed and irrigation), industrial, grazing and other activities, but are prone to flood hazard, while the mountains/highlands/plateau could be explored for transhumance, mineral resources, hydro-electricity, communication facilities and military operations. The mountain ranges and plateau were however vulnerable to soil erosion and landslides. The generated slope, depressions, aspect and LULC all revealed the nature of the area which can also be assessed for various environmental monitoring and management. It was recommended that, for sustainable planning and development on land, terrain analysis is necessary especially for suitability studies, natural resources exploration and environmental hazards assessments.


environmental sustainability, geospatial techniques, terrain analysis, topography, Taraba State