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Quality analysis of the most viewed videos on YouTube about cervical cancer in Brazil

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Sonia Eliane de Deus,1 Cleuza Pascotini,1 Karen de Deus,2 Tania Maria Gomes da Silva,1,3 Marcelo Picinin Bernuci1,2,3

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Cervical cancer is a major cause of preventable death in women. Health education strategies on preventive and protective methods are decisive for health promotion. In view of the popularity of the YouTube platform, this study evaluated 169 most viewed videos, selected based on the keyword "cervical cancer" in Brazil. These were downloaded and transcribed and analyzed for technical information and content analysis compared to information from the World Health Organization. Most of the analyzed videos are short; posted by laypeople (37.9%) and widely viewed (1,400 to more than 62,000). Although the majority try to disseminate information content, more than 58.9% do not cover the definition of cervical cancer, its risk factors (80.47%), signs and symptoms (68.64%), primary prevention (68.5%) and tertiary prevention (74.56%). Secondary prevention was addressed in 49.70%, but only 1.2% with correct and complete information. In general, 57.4% of the videos were rated as bad or very bad, pointing to the low quality of information about cervical cancer prevention on YouTube in Brazil. In conclusion, YouTube has been used in Brazil to discuss important issues about cervical cancer, but the quality of the video content is quite limited.


sexually transmitted disease, health promotion, cervical cancer