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Multipurpose technology for simultaneous preparation of primary and secondary tillage of the soil (second phase: construction and evaluation of the prototype)

Open Access Journal of Science
Marco Antonio Reynolds Chávez,1 Ángel Capetillo Burela,1 Juan Antonio López López,2 Rigoberto Zetina Lezama,1 Martín Cadena Zapata,2 Jaime Rangel Quintos1

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In Mexico, the continuous increase in the prices of fossil fuels and agricultural fertilizers has led to a reduction in the area planted with crops, specifically basic grains. This situation has caused substantial ecological and economic losses and a national deficit in the production of basic grains, which has aggravated the economic and social situation of agricultural producers. Faced with these production growth limitations, it is important to generate new practices and innovations that contribute to reducing these factors. In soil preparation, which is considered one of the most costly activities in food production, there is an enormous technological lag. At present, the discs plow is still by far the most widely used implement for primary soil preparation in food production, causing high rates of soil loss due to erosion, hard layers, minimal use of moisture and, consequently, low productivity. Likewise, it requires high power requirements, excessive operation times and high fuel consumption. The purpose of this research was the construction and evaluation of a prototype for simultaneous preparation of primary and secondary tillage of the soil for crop establishment to reduce operation times and fuel consumption, without detriment to the quality of work and increase yields. The results show a mechanical equipment integrated by three sections (chisel plow + harrow + lump breaker), which are combined for the simultaneous preparation of primary and secondary tillage of the soil. This technology is responsible for performing in a single step, the soil conditioning for crop production, significantly surpassing the conventional system.


multipurpose equipment, soil preparation, combined tillage