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Manage theory in the Russian educational literature

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One of the most important reasons for the crisis state of modern Russia is the low level of managerial training of government officials. The obvious way to overcome this situation is to improve the quality of education of graduates of relevant universities. The author, considering the theory of manage as a generalizing discipline of the whole complex of subjects focused on the training of qualified managers, focuses on the educational literature in this area. Based on a detailed analysis of the content of one of the typical-the article shows that it is a collection of haughtily organized material that has little in common with the theory of manage, but is quite suitable for the formation of the notorious “competencies” introduced into the educational process by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. However, the main thing - the actual theory of manage - is not in the textbook. According to the author, the content of almost all educational publications on manage theory completely coincides with the nature and general orientation of the higher education system-the research institute of modern Russia, namely, the imitation of the educational process. Does this approach meet the needs of modern Russian society?


manage theory, educational literature, education system, training of managerial personnel