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Turbulence modeling: augmenting artificial intelligence and machine learning

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
Akanksha Kollabathula, Bahman Zohuri 

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The paper presents the variables of an airfoil that has a direct impact on the movement
of the airplane. The test evaluation of the impact of chaotic disturbances caused due to
atmospheric or any other external conditions on the entire plane is a difficult process mainly
due to the size of the airplane, so instead of testing on the entire airplane, it is divided into
different parts and each part is individually calculated and the test of all the parts are put
together and averaged to get the average turbulence impact on the entire plane. This paper
has the results of all the different variables that directly or indirectly impact the airplane,
that can cause a chaotic movement impacting the airplane movement, and its velocity based
on the density and thickness.


airplane, airfoil, atmospheric conditions, chaotic movement, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning