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Antrochoanal polyp in pediatric age. A purpose of a clinical case

Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research
Dr. Zaida María León Castellanos,1 Dr. Yicel Torres Harris,2 Dr. Glessy Leliebre Petell,3 Dr. Yenicet Rodriguez Martinez4

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The antrochoanal polyp is a rare entity in the pediatric age; represents 4-6% of all nasal polyps in the general population, defined as a single, benign mass originating in the sinus maxilla, grows toward the posterior choana and may extend to the nasopharynx. Diagnosis is established by clinical findings and imaging studies; in particular, tomography. Most of the patients have a lesion visible on anterior rhinoscopy, as well as obstructive nasal symptomatology. During the early stages of development of a nasal polyp, when its size is still small, it is possible to make it disappear with corticosteroid treatment. The Surgical treatment remains the most effective and consists of surgical removal with Caldwell-Luc approach (antrostomy) or endoscopic. The objective of our work is to describe the diagnosis, therapeutic management, review the bibliography as well as the possible Differential diagnoses of a case of antrochoanal Killiam polyp.


antronasocoanal polyp, antrochoanal polyp, polyp killiam solitaire