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Effects of the oil spill at the la pampilla refinery on the economy of the inhabitants of the coastal areas of the lima and callao regions

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Eduardo Villalobos Porras

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This article makes a brief analysis of what happened with the oil spill at the La Pampilla refinery, located in the district of Ventanilla, and its impacts on the economy of the people who live from tourism, artisanal fishing and local gastronomy in some coastal districts of the regions of Lima and Callao, belonging to Peru. Based on this review, some proposals for action are proposed, linked to the reactivation of the local economy of these populations that are interrelated with the coastal marine ecosystem, in the short, medium and long term in the regions of Lima and Callao.


hydrocarbons, negative impacts, coastal marine ecosystem, artisanal fishing, tourism, local gastronomy