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Heterogeneous velocity and dispersions coefficient influence on ionic transport model in creeks

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This paper shows the rate of ionic concentration in the creek, different station point were used to monitor their variation rates of concentration in the creek, the transport system were developed based on the investigation carried out to observed the source of contamination in the study environment, the process were applied in other to determine the significant parameters that influence the transport process of the contaminant, these generates variations of the creek velocity and dispersion coefficient, the flow rates experienced heterogeneity in its depositions through its velocity rates at different station points, such parameters were integrated in the system to generated derived simulation values, the graphical representation experience decrease with respect to increase in distance, these condition observed were due to variations of the creek flow rates through velocity of flows in different figures, such conditions were observed to pressured the system that determine the concentration rates at different figures, these figures reflects different station points that validated the predictive values through experimental data for model validation, the generated results were above the permissible limited as an acceptable standard of 0.3Mg/L, the study is imperative because the rate of ionic content in different locations has been determined, their influential parameters has be observed in the study environment, there rates of concentrations which reflects the significant parameters that pressured it transport process in the creek has been observed, these were all determined in the study environment, proofing the validation of the model for ionic concentration in the study area.


heterogeneous, velocity, dispersions ionic transport and creek