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Prevalence of and risk factors for actinic cheilitis in Brazilian beach workers

Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
Caio Vinicius G Roman-Torres, Edson Gracia Neto, Camila Barreto Barbieri, Leticia Cidreira Boaro,1 Angelica Castro Pimentel, Heloisa Fonseca Marão, Luana de Campos

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Solar radiation is responsible for most cancers of the lower lip, if the diagnosis is late, the prognosis is unfavorable, the treatments are mutilating, palliative and expensive. This prevention campaign unprecedented in the country with a public-private partnership, aimed at informing and evaluating beach workers on the beaches of Santos, SP, Brazil, in relation to sun exposure and lip injuries. In three training workshops were held with the evaluators and instructions on the approach and calibration regarding questions and answers. A total of 119 beach workers who received information about care, symptoms and forms of sun prevention were evaluated, an explanatory folder was developed by the team and was distributed along with samples of sunscreen. Oral examination was performed evaluating lips and perioral mucosa through inspection and palpation maneuvers and within the needs of oral treatment they were referred for treatment. The results showed that only 7.56% use lip balm and 29.4% use body protector. In the lip evaluation, alterations were observed in 35 of the beach workers (29.41%) of the observed population, in 4 women (10%) and 31 men (39.24%). The data obtained may serve as a guide for preventive campaigns for this population at risk for the development of labial and perioral lesions. More attention is needed to this vulnerable population on the effects of sun exposure, protective care is not performed properly by most beach workers.


oral manifestations, solar radiation, cheilitis, lip diseases, lip neoplasms