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Peri-Inguinal Hernias in Laparoscopic era

MOJ Surgery
Weber Sánchez A,Palmisano EM2

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  1. Introduction: Hernias that do not correspond to the usual sites of hernias in the inguinal and femoral region have been described. Laparoscopic vision provides a much broader and clearer perspective that allows visualizing these hernia defects. The purpose of this paper is to report two cases of peri-inguinal hernias solved by laparoscopy, and to review this unknown situation by many surgeons today.
  2. Methods: A search of the terms “peri-inguinal hernia”, “periinguinal hernia”, “para-inguinal hernia”, and parainguinal hernia” was performed in the databases PubMed, SciELO and Medline; supplemented by means of the search engine Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia, searching alsoreference lists of similar cases and review articles.
  3. Conclusion: Peri-inguinal hernias are a very rare type of hernias. These hernias are a reality that must be recognized, and laparoscopy is a very useful method to diagnose and treat them.


peri-inguinal hernia, laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopy