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Prenatal diagnosis of type 3 vasa previa: A case report

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Cristina Trilla MD,1,2 Carmen Garrido MD,1,2 Elisa Llurba MD, PhD1,2

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Background: Vasa previa consists in the presence of extraplacental fetal vessels overlying the cervix. This condition is commonly associated with fatal outcome if prenatally undiagnosed. Two types of vasa previa have been classically described, associated with well-established risk factors. However, a rare third type of vasa previa has also been reported.
Case: We present a case of type 3 vasa previa diagnosed in the second trimester, with two fetal vessels overlying the cervix. The placenta was unilobed, not previa, and the cord insertion was marginal. Placental examination after delivery confirmed the prenatal findings.
Conclusion: This case suggests that vasa previa can occur in the absence of cord or placental anomalies. A review of vasa previa classification and screening strategies for this condition is needed.


vasa previa, prenatal diagnosis, prenatal screening, neonatal outcome