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The scientific study of forensic entomology to identify crime scene insect species from the Indore region of Madhya Pradesh, India

Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal
Rakesh Mia, Chanchal Gokhale, Ashutosh Tripathi

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Background: Insects are considered one type of forensic evidence at the scene of a crime. All insects, or arthropods, are scientifically studied in forensic entomology. In a criminal investigation, forensic entomology evidence can play a vital role. That’s why when at any crime scene, decomposition of the body is found, forensic experts can examine the time of death, manner of death, and causes of death that are part of a death investigation. A death investigation is also known as thanatology. Thanatology deals with death in all its aspects. Main text: For the understanding of better results in forensic communities, in this paper, we discussed the various types of insects or arthropods database on and how they depend on the weather. This database was collected from the Indore zone, Madhya Pradesh, India. Thus, various insects affect the body and, after examination of all findings by forensic investigation, they can easily find out with the help of the database which insects or arthropod species are affecting the body. Conclusion: Insect names and species depend on environmental factors. In this paper, after collecting all the data, we conclude our result that in the Indore area, winter, summer, and the normal session wasp are found.


forensic entomology, insects, species, Indore, MP, India