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The difficulty of understanding the meaning of words in sacred texts by the individual and the dangers induced in the social field

Sociology International Journal
Abdellaoui Abdelkader 

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This article starts from the observation of contradiction between a religious conviction and its practice in social life. To try to understand this contradiction, he introduces the concepts of social influences, then the ability to interpret words and expressions in texts and in their socio-cultural, political and economic context. The notion of interpretation is not limited to words, but extends more generally to the ways of thinking and culture of the time when the text was written. The question is how would be written today what was written in a given historical period, in a given socio-cultural, political, economic, scientific knowledge context. The notion of appropriation of authority is also briefly reviewed to show how the individual (the believer in this case) transforms himself into a kind of defender of his belief and to this end states postulates or attitudes, instead of texts, on what should or should not be done. We wonder whether the cause is ignorance or unconsciousness or any desire to impose oneself. 


conviction, living together, interpretation