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Susceptibility of craniofacial ciliopathies to oral cancer-A proposed research

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The Ciliary disorders are a group of clinically and genetically overlapping disorders, manifesting as syndromes, whose patho-physiology arises due to defective ciliary function including its organelles. These are antenna-like organelles are present in the apical surface of numerous cell types in a variety of tissues and organs, in humans, currently under research in medico genetic field.1 During organogenesis, although the neural crest receives a significant amount of attention, craniofacial tissue has more patterning information present when compared to other tissues of the body.2 Newer studies have further indicated the importance of ciliary epithelia as a source of patterning information for the tissues in or-facial region. In this article, we propose a research in patients with craniofacial ciliopathies linking to origin of cancers in oro-facial region.