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Older adults and vitamin D hip fracture connections-what is the 2022 research base indicating?

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Hip fractures among the older adult population remain highly prevalent oftentimes lifethreatening events despite decades of efforts to study their causes and implement preventive endeavors. Even more concerning is the possible unabated prevalence of subsequent even more debilitating second or third hip fractures among primary hip fracture survivors. In an effort to explore if indeed there is current evidence of a key overlooked role for vitamin D as far as its probable benefits for preventing or mitigating hip fracture debility and speeding up the optimal recovery post hip fractures goes, this report examines most of the currently available peer reviewed articles listed on the PUBMED data base as of July 1 2021-July 10 2022 and some background material on this topic. It is concluded that while careful usage of vitamin D in cases of risk or deficiency may afford both preventive and optimal recovery opportunities towards reducing the persistent global age-associated hip fracture burden, as well as the burden of acquiring a second or third hip fracture, no current conclusive evidence prevails in this regard.


bone health, hip fractures, older adults, prevention, supplementation, vitamin D