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Applications of nanomaterials for health and environment protection

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Asif Iqbal,1 Aleesha Jamshed,2 Nazia Parveen,2 Bakht Bilind Khan,3 Fariha Ibtihaj,2 Waleed Bin Hameed,2 Muhammad Iqbal Khan Rehman,4 Muhammad Noman,5 Sidra Saeed,2 Sidra Arshad2

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Nanomaterials have been reported to be useful for synthesizing several kinds of nanomaterials which show diverse advantages. The remarkable developments in nanotechnology and the crucial need to develop robust, economic, and green approaches for ecological conservation, this review highlights the promising applications of nanomaterial and provides a comprehensive view on benefits of nanotechnology regarding the healthcare and environmental safety systems. The concentration on nanotechnology in public debates has increased over the last few decades. Nanotechnology is found to be one of the crucial future knowledge. The current study concentrates on the applications of nanotechnology in ecological safety, particularly in the air and water sectors.


nanomaterials, nanotechnology, ecological conservation, healthcare