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Early intervention of skeletal class III malocclusion in growing patients using RPHG: Case report

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Skeletal class III malocclusion which could result from maxillary retrognathia and/or mandibular prognathism necessitates multidisciplinary intervention. The impact of such skeletal discrepancies on esthetic and function was reported. Early recognition and correction is crucial as it may alleviate the need for surgical intervention. This case report describes the management of a skeletal class III malocclusion of 9 years old male child with deficient maxilla and both anterior and posterior cross bite, through modifying the growth to achieve correct transverse relationship, using bonded RPE and reverse pull headgear to advance the maxilla. The results were satisfying. Thus, orthopedic corrections of skeletal Class III malocclusion with the help of a reverse pull headgear have shown their reliability in growing patients


class III malocclusion, growth modification, reverse pull headgear, constricted maxilla