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How usage of social media influences the university students’ academic performance?

Sociology International Journal
Altaf Hussain Pirzado, Ghulam Mustafa Shaikh   


Social Media is being expanded mercurially during recent couple of decades, however, the aim of the research is to know the increasing effects of the social media networks on the academic performance of the student at University of Sindh, Larkana campus. To meet the objectives of the study, we adopted questionnaire and distributed among 130 students of the campus who are enrolled in BBA, BSCS, BS-English, MA-English, & MBA programs. Random sample and SPSS-21 software were employed. Our finding shows that the most of the students are spending their essential time over the use of social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Snap chat, and their purpose behind the usage is to enhance their knowledge, gaining updated information and career development. Using ANOVA and Regression Analysis, we did not find any significant difference among diverse academic groups and statistically, there is no any significant negative impact of usage of used in social media on academic performance respectively. We conclude our study that every technology or internet application has dual purpose, i.e., negative as well as positive. This study may help out the management as well as teaching faculty of the campus that how to design their interactive class lectures, assignments, projects etc. for students to upgrade academic excellence.


social media, academic performance, university students