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Perpetual movement of the universe

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The article substantiates the concept of the dynamic Universe, according to which the circulation of the field (continuum) and corpuscular phases of matter with their inherent forms of energy is carried out in it. This process includes evolutionary and involutionary stages, the first of which begins with wave formation in the hidden (unstructured) part of the matter of the Universe and the transition of its “gravistatic” energy into “gravidynamic” (oscillatory) with the formation of baryonic (structured) matter in the process of nucleosynthesis, the appearance in its thermonuclear reactions and its permanent compaction up to the singularity in separate regions of the Universe. The second stage includes the “explosion” of supernovae, their “big gap” and the return of matter to its original state. In this circuit, gravity plays the role of a “perpetual motion machine” that allows the Universe to function in time and space indefinitely, bypassing the state of equilibrium. The data of astronomical observations confirming the proposed concept are presented.


perpetual motion, matter, field environment, gravitational, gravidynamic energy, gravitation, repulsion, circulation of matter, energy, evolution, involution