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The recession that comes from behind and exhausted by the covi19 pandemic

Sociology International Journal
Paulino Ernesto Arellanes Jimenez   


To speak of a crisis in the world economy is to speak of several factors that influence it, such as an increase or decrease in certain basic products such as hydrocarbons; a regional, military crisis, a commercial conflict between powers such as the trade war between the United States and China, etc., but to the extent that the United States continues to be the hegemonic country of contemporary capitalism, its economic crisis of deficit, financial or market not only it becomes an internal problem but for reasons of international exchange that it carries through its foreign policies it infects the allied and non-allied countries. In this sense, to largely understand the current crisis in the international economy, it is necessary to start from the most recent crises that the United States has gone through.


economic crisis of deficit,international economy