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Facial artery, an essential anatomy in different specialties: a review

Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research
Constanza Angulo K, Marta Amin M, Ignacio Novoa C, Diego Araya B, Víctor Mercado M

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The facial artery presents various patterns of anatomical distribution. Its collaterals and terminal branches require permanent review by professionals who perform invasive and minimally invasive procedures in the face territory. The varied anastomoses of the territory of the external carotid and the ophthalmic artery -coming from the Internal Carotid-make it necessary to act with caution against possible complications when minimally invasive procedures are performed such as the injection of “filler” (mainly hyaluronic acid) for aesthetic purposes. That is why the clinical analysis prior to any procedure at the face level makes it necessary to integrate an analysis of the detailed knowledge of the tremendous anatomical variability of the facial artery, which will allow better results, less morbidity, and minimize the risks of vascular complications.


Facial artery, Facial flap, Computed tomography