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Optics “clear vision”, storozhynets, chernivtsi region, Ukraine

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Manifestation of ocular symptoms in severe covid patients reaches 30% - 60% of cases. This high frequency of involvement of the visual analyzer in the pathological process is explained as follows: the visual system is very energy consuming, and when the general condition of the body is severe, the brain blocks the visual analyzer (motor and / or sensory parts) to pay more attention to other vital organs and systems (paralysis of motor activity of the eye muscles or a significant drop in visual acuity saves brain resources). In severe Covid -19, it is proposed to switch the visual analyzer to «energy saving mode»: turn off the pupillary response and accommodation (cycloplegics) and close the eyes with a bandage
(for a while). These manipulations (artificial blocking of the visual analyzer) can improve the overall condition of the patient and reduce the risk of blindness.


Covid -19, ocular symptoms, visual analyzer blockage