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Analysis of the risk of exposure to methyl-mercury due to non intentional consumption of shark meat in males of Mexico city’s metropolitan area

Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Laura Elizalde Ramirez,1 Patricia Ramirez Romero,1 J Guadalupe Reyes Victoria,2 Edson Missael Flores Garcia2

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In this paper we estimate the probability and risk coefficient of methyl mercury exposure due to unintentional consumption of shark meat for the male inhabitants of Mexico City’s metropolitan area. Using statistical and numerical methods, we built a risk function in terms of the concentration and life stage variables. Using mathematical results from the singularity theory, dynamical systems and differential geometry, we obtained that both, the risk average (2.96) and the risk probability (85%) are high. We also obtained the critical ages or risk which are 5.1 years for boys and 87 years for senior men, but this will be relevant only to those men who reach this age. All this, means that in the analysed sample, there is a high probability of developing deleterious health effects. So, if men want to consume fish products, they must buy whole fish to avoid the replacement. 


methyl mercury, risk coefficient, risk smooth stable function, risk surface, critical ages of risk