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Influence of electromagnetic protection technology on human psychophysiological condition

Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Korotkov KG,1 Gavrilova EA,2 Churganov OA,2 Machado JJ3


Objectives: This study aimed to demonstrate the beneficial effect of Noxtak electromagnetic protection technology on human psychophysiology. Design: An open, randomized, placebo-controlled trials for 30 days. Participants were measured initially, randomly divided into two groups (experimental and control), and measured 30 days later after using Noxtak technology in the experimental group and placebo in the control group. Subjects: 50 healthy athletes, age 14-25 years, men and women, randomly divided into two groups of 25 people. Randomization was based on the principle of random numbers. The ethics committee of the Federal State Budget Institution “Saint-Petersburg Scientific- Research Institute for Physical Culture,” St. Petersburg, Russia, approved the study protocol. All participants signed an informed consent form, where a written and oral explanation of the research protocol was provided. Outcome measures: psychological testing, rhythmocardiography, biofield parameters analysis. Results: Participants using Noxtak electromagnetic protection for 30 days demonstrated positive changes in psychophysiology parameters, experienced growth in aerobic capacity, physical performance, energy potential, and their bodies’ adaptive reserves, while physiological parameters of athletes using placebo did not change or worsened. Conclusions: Participants using Noxtak technology for 30 days demonstrated improvement of psychophysiological parameters and sleep quality, which may be related with the protection effect from electromagnetic radiation.


non-doping methods, energy potential, adaptive reserves, bio-well, HRV, open, randomized, placebo-controlled